I wanna take a moment to talk about an awesome, unsung badass: Doug Jones.


Doug Jones. The name doesn’t ring a bell, does it? Probably not. But I’m here to tell you that this bitch is fabulous.

He started out as a mime and a professional contortionist. He got into acting and has acted in over 25 movies and numerous television shows. Still doesn’t ring any bells? Probably because Doug’s gig is characters and crazy ass costumes and shit. 

Here’s a picture of him:

Still not look too familiar? Well, maybe you saw Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer?

Doug Jones.

Or, are you a Buffy fan? Remember the episode “Hush”?

Look familiar now? He’s the one in the front.

Did you like the movie Pan’s Labyrinth?

Doug Jones.

Doug Jones.

Did you like the Hellboy movies?

Doug Jones.

Doug Jones.

Doug Mother Fucking Jones.

Or, hey! Were you born in the 90’s? Remember the movie Hocus Pocus that would play on Disney Channel every halloween? Remember this guy?:

Yup. Doug Jones.

Still not convinced of how badass this guy is? Here’s some awesome for you.

It took him 5 hours to get into the Pale Man costume in Pan’s Labyrinth, and, once in it, he could only just slightly see out of the nose holes, but he was mostly blind.

And the costume for Fauno himself? Well, he could only just barely see out of the nose holes in that one, too. The actual head part was filled with mechanics that made the eyebrows and ears move. And those mechanics were so loud that he couldn’t hear while inside of it, so he had to memorize Ofelia’s lines as well as his own so that he could say them in his head to know when to talk. Oh, and he doesn’t actually speak any Spanish at all, so he was memorizing both his, and someone else’s lines in a language he couldn’t speak.

Doug Mother Fucking Jones.


Today at orientation I found out that he is an alum of Ball State. I picked the right college.