Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel

PSA: There are quite a few mistakes in this, but this was the least amount of mistakes I’ve ever made when playing this song, so I decided to just publish it and get it out there.

I love this song with all my heart. It never stops being something that I come back to over and over again. It’s so beautiful and full of truth. I just really wanted to sing it.

New cover.

Also, “New” cover.

Stay Awake cover

Watch as I pay tribute to Julia Nunes, who inspired me to start playing this beautiful instrument, and as I rock out so hard my hat falls off.

I did a thing again.

I’ve Just Seen A Face

Tara and I made a cover of our favorite song(songs?) from Spring Awakening! Don’t Do Sadness/Blue Wind!


Hey, I made this. Enjoy.

Guys. New cover.

I’m so tired.


Just a small rant: This was at 95% yesterday when the server decided to crap out on me, so you’re getting this later than you would have, and I am annoyed. Enjoy!

I don’t generally upload videos this quickly in succession, but yeah, I did. So, enjoy this cover of Into the Wild by LP.


I’m curious as to what you people think of my cover of The Cave and if you think it’s good enough to clean up and turn into a YouTube video.