I uploaded a new video. I hope you like it.

So that cover of Sherlock’s Theme I did like a month ago? It’s my most viewed video… by a landslide. Here it is if you missed it, even though Woodshed uploaded a cover of it too and it’s brilliant as always.

My ukulele cover of Sherlock’s Theme

I never thought I was going to get through this. It’s sloppy to say the least, but I’m oddly proud of it.

My cover of If I Fell. Enjoy!


I may or may not have written a song and finally decided to share it with the world.


Dear Linzy,

This cover of The Beatles song Girl is for you, because I was singing it earlier and I was like, shit, this makes me think of Linzy and how much I hate a certain someone sometimes. So, here it is. Enjoy.

Your cuddle buddy,



This is my bare-bones cover of Your Biggest Fan by NeverShoutNever on ukulele. Enjoy! (But mostly it’s for Linzy.)

Also, at one point you can hear my cat freakin’ out because of the thunder. Good times.